Performance textiles "Made in Germany"
Founded more than 200 years ago, Schümer is still a family-owned textile manufacturer. The modern production facilities for weaving, dyeing and finishing are located in Germany.

Today Schümer produces a wide range of woven fabrics in cotton and cotton blends as well as blends of cellulose (e.g. viscose) and synthetics (e.g. modacryl, aramid).

For more than 75 years Schümer is very successfully specialised in the production of high performance fabrics. Our top quality SCHÜMER SECAN made of flame retardant cotton is renowned for its unique level of protection against heat and flame - far beyond European standards.


  Schümer Textil GmbH
Geiststraße 3-9
D-48465 Schüttorf
Tel.: +49 (0) 59 23 / 809 - 0